Admissions Process

Before being admitted to our school your child completes a holistic assessment process. These assessments include the following: Educational Assessment, Speech Assessment, Occupational Therapy Assessment and Psychological Assessment.  This gives us a more realistic picture of your child's academic needs and our suitability to assist them.

Up to date previous assessments can be provided in place of reassessment.  Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy assessments can be no longer than 6 months and a psychological assessment no older than 1 year.

For further information or to book assessment for your child please contact our school office or complete the contact form.

Payment for the assessments will be required prior to confirmation of assessment dates.

Following the assessment process, should Pretoria Preparatory School not be suitable to your child's needs, recommendations will be made for other placements.  Full assessment reports will be provided to you, at no additional cost.

Assessment Centre

The assessment centre at Pretoria Preparatory School acts independently and assessments can be booked for you to gain further insight into your child's academic needs regardless of whether you are or are not seeking placment at our school.

The following assessments are offered:
 * ​IQ assessments - offered by an associate educational
*  Speech Therapy Assessments
*  Occupational Therapy Assessments
*  ASB School Readiness Assessments
*  Scholastic / Academic Assessments

A full assessment report is provided on completion of the assessments, at no additional cost.

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Assessme​nt Costs

2024 Rates

Assessments are charged at R1,900 per assessment.

You are only charged for the assessments required.  If all 4 assessments are conducted the total amount payable will be R7,600.

Assessments are to be paid for prior to confirmation of booking dates.

The cost of the assessments inculudes a comprehensive assessment report for all assessments conducted.

School Fees

The fees for 2024 will be as follows:

Grade 0 - 5: R122,100 per annum.  Fees will be charged over 11 months @ R11,100 per month from January to November, and are payable in advance.

Grade 6 - 7: R126,500 per annum.  Fees will be charged over 11 months @ R11,500 per month from January to November and are payable in advance.

These fees are fully inclusive of all Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Remedial Lessons during the course of the school day as well as Extramurals first session charge.

School fees paid in full before the end of February will receive a 3% deduction and the calculation of the reduced annual school fees is as follows:
Grade 0-5: R122,100 - R3663 = R118,437
Grade 6-7: R126,500 - R3795 = R122,705