From 2 August 2021 school attendance is compulsory.  Hybrid online learning will continue only for those children in isolation from a Covid positive contact or in quarantine following a Covid positive test.  The following protocols remain in place:  Masks must be worn at all times and covid-19 protocols will be strictly adhered to. For your own protection and ours only PPS staff and learners will be allowed onto the premises, other than by appointment. Please contact the school office with all queries. Please see the starting and collection times below.  No afternoon or extramural activities will be offered at this stage.  For further information please see the notices under the "FORMS AND NOTICES" tab.
Grade 4 - Grade 7 may enter school from 07:15 till 07:30 and must please be collected at 13:45  FRIDAY all Grade 4 - Grade 7 children must please be collected at 13:15.
Grade 3 may enter school from 07:30 till 07:45 and must please be collected at 13:30  FRIDAY all Grade 3 children must please be collected at 13:00.
Grade 0 - Grade 2 may enter school from 07:30 till 07:45 and must please be collected at 13:15  FRIDAY all Grade 0 - Grade 2 children must please be collected at 13:00.


The Pretoria Preparatory School was established in 1977 by a group of parents, therapists and teachers. It aimed to meet the needs of children who, despite good intellectual potential, were underachieving in regular schools because of specific or generalised learning difficulties. The school began with one teacher in an old house in Hatfield but grew rapidly and by October that year, already needed larger premises and the move to Brooklyn took place. Now over forty years and many building projects later, we have a well appointed, thriving school.

The school is non-profit company and is managed by a Board of Directors. The staff comprises of class teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, a psychologist, support staff and the admin team. The children receive a great deal of individual attention.  We have a very dedicated, highly qualified and experienced staff. The therapists and teachers work closely together as a multidisciplinary team participating in regular case conferences. The aim is to remediate the children's challenge areas and if possible place the children back into mainstream schools. Much attention is paid to producing self confident, happy youngsters who take pride in their achievements.

Dates to Remember

Monday 20 September - Tuesday 21 September
Grade 4-7 Conquesta
Wednesday 22 September
Play Day
Thursday 23 September
End of Term 3
Monday 11 October
Start of Term 4

Our Vision and Mission

Vision Statement: The Pretoria Preparatory School strives to create a nurturing environment where children are empowered to persevere, progress and succeed in their development into well balanced adults who are involved in all aspects of society.

Mission Statement: The Pretoria Preparatory School provides quality education in a nurturing, multi-disciplinary environment. Teachers and therapists aim to meet the children's educational, social and emotional needs, to encourage them to reach their full potential and, where appropriate, return to mainstream schooling.

Contact Us

T: (012) 362-0308 
F:  (012) 362-0366
262 Murray Street
Brooklyn, Pretoria 0181
GPS: 25°45'50 S 28°14'34 E
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