Pretoria Prep School


The Pretoria Preparatory School was established in 1977 by a group of parents, therapists and educators. It aimed to meet the needs of children who, despite good intellectual potential, were underachieving in regular schools because of specific or generalised learning difficulties. The school began with one teacher in an old house in Hatfield but grew rapidly and by October that year, already needed larger premises and the move to Brooklyn took place. Now over thirty years and many building projects later, we have a well appointed, thriving school.

The school is non-profit making and is managed by a Board of Governors. When a child is admitted to the school, the full remedial programme takes place during the school day. The children receive a great deal of individual attention. There are no more than 13 children per class. We have fifteen class teachers, four speech therapists, four occupational therapists, a remedial teacher, support staff, a psychologist and a part-time music therapist on the staff. We have a very dedicated, highly qualified and experienced staff. The therapists and teachers work closely together as a multidisciplinary team holding regular case conferences. The aim is to remediate the children's weaker areas and if possible place the children back into mainstream schools. Much attention is paid to producing self confident, happy youngsters who take pride in their achievements.