Pretoria Prep School reopened for all learners at the start of Term 3 on 6 July 2020, offering a hybrid learning approach for both teaching and therapy.  Specific starting and ending times for each grade are to please be adhered to. For your own protection and ours only PPS staff and learners will be allowed onto the premises, other than by appointment. Please contact the school office with all queries. Thank you.

History of PPS

Due to the identification of a growing need for remedial education for children with learning difficulties in Pretoria during the 1970s, the Pretoria Remedial School was opened in January 1977. The school was the first of its kind in Pretoria and began with one pupil in Grade 1. By the end of June it had grown to 2 classes, a Grade 0 class comprising of 5 pupils and a Grade 1 and 2 class with 6 pupils. The school consisted of a multidisciplinary team which conducted assessments, provided remedial education and therapies, as well as providing a part time afternoon clinic. The school quickly grew too large for the little house in which it was housed, and during October 1977 the Pretoria Remedial School moved to its current location at 262 Murray Street, Brooklyn. By January 1978, the school was catering for children ranging from Grade 0 to Grade 7. In January 1980 the school changed its name to the Pretoria Preparatory School.

Pretoria Preparatory School is a non-profit independent remedial school. The multidisciplinary staff complement includes teachers, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, a psychologist and both the administrative and maintenance teams. While providing remedial education, PPS follows the National Curriculum. The school currently caters for 170 pupils, ranging from Grade 0 to Grade 7, with pupils coming from in and around Pretoria as well as from areas as far as Witbank and Hartebeespoort Dam. PPS is a co-educational school with a cultural profile that is truly representative of South Africa’s rainbow nation. The economic status of the pupils at PPS varies greatly. Many of our children come from families who have to make sacrifices in order to be able to afford to enroll their children here. PPS has a Christian ethos, although acceptance of and respect for all religions forms part of our value system.

Despite being a small school, Pretoria Preparatory School has a variety of facilities to aid in the holistic development of pupils, which include a well equipped occupational therapy hall, speech and language therapy rooms, a technology room, a swimming pool and a computer centre.

Although the school aims to assist a number of children in returning to mainstream, this is not our only goal. We focus on facilitating the academic progress of all children within their abilities. Special attention is paid to the improvement of confidence and self esteem.

Pretoria Preparatory School not only offers remedial education, but has a full assessment team which conducts holistic evaluations for potential pupils of PPS, as well as private individuals. An afternoon clinic offers resource teaching, speech and language and occupational therapy to pupils from other schools who require these services.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision Statement: The Pretoria Preparatory School strives to create a nurturing environment where children are empowered to persevere, progress and succeed in their development into well balanced adults who are involved in all aspects of society.

Mission Statement: The Pretoria Preparatory School provides quality education in a nurturing, multi-disciplinary environment. Teachers and therapists aim to meet the children's educational, social and emotional needs, to encourage them to reach their full potential and, where appropriate, return to mainstream schooling.

Contact Us

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262 Murray Street
Brooklyn, Pretoria 0181
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