Fees Structure

School Fees 2018


Annual Fees:   R91 7400.00 (R8340.00 per month for 11 months)

Annual fees payed in advance (by the end of February): R91 740.00 - R4 587.00 (5%) = R87 153.00

School fees include speech therapy, occupational therapy, short term psychotherapy and first session extra murals, as is necessary.


Application can be made to SARS for a partial rebate on school fees.


Assessment Costs 2018

 To be updated shortly:

Psychological Assessment R

Occupational Therapy Assessment R

Speech and Language Therapy Assessment R

Educational Assessment R (required from mid Grade 1)


Apart from the educational assessment, the costs can be claimed from medical aid.


Each assessment is ± 1½ hours long (psychological assessment 2 hours) spread over a couple of days.