Assessment Centre and Process

I would like my child to be enrolled at PPS. What must I do?

** This centre acts independently of the school. The assessment of a child places no obligation on a parent to accept a position at PPS and similarly places no obligation on PPS to offer a place to any child. There are several reasons why a parent might request an assessment of their child at PPS, including guidance, a second, independent opinion or fulltime placement.

Step 1: Initial contact. Basic information supplied.

  • Telephone the school (012-3620308). Mrs Anderson in the office will guide you through the process.
  • You are most welcome to make an appointment to visit the school.
  • You will give the office staff some initial information:

Your name, postal address, email address and contact details.
The child’s name, date of birth, current school, current grade.

  • If your child has been assessed recently, or you have relevant reports from medical practitioners, we would like you to forward these reports so that we can start compiling a holistic picture of your child.
  • The child’s name will be added to the waiting list for assessments.

Step 2: Setting up the assessment

  • You will be given the dates and times for the assessments.
  • Various forms will be forwarded to you for completion, including a report to be completed by your child’s present school.
  • We will also require a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

Step 3: The assessment process.

Which assessments need to be conducted?

  • In order to gain a holistic picture of the child, four assessments are conducted: psychological, speech and language, occupational therapy and educational (only from mid grade 1)
  • If a child has had recent equivalent assessments and a detailed report is submitted, it might not be necessary to redo a particular assessment.

What is the cost of the assessments?

  • Pleae see fees structure

The assessment timeline

  • Parents have an initial interview with the head of the assessment team.
  • The four assessments are conducted over the course of two or three days.
  • On the Thursday of that week the multidisciplinary team meets to discuss the assessment results.
  • On the Friday of the following week the parents have a final meeting with the head of the assessment team. They will receive oral feedback and a comprehensive written report. Recommendations will be made. These might include a recommendation of placement at PPS, afternoon therapy or suggested potentially suitable schools

Step 4: Conclusion

  • If placement at PPS is an option, providing a space is available, the necessary documentation will be completed and the child will be enrolled as soon as possible.
  • If there is no space available and placement at PPS is an option, the child will be placed on a waiting list and the parents will be notified as soon as a place becomes available.