School Rules

Basic rules:

1. Follow instructions.

2. Keep hands, feet, objects and unkind words to yourself.

3. Look after all property.

4. Behave appropriately.

5. Take pride in yourself and your school.


Appropriate behaviour:

You will be rewarded with praise, stars, positive notes, stickers and the opportunity to wear the merit badge for 1 week or to wear civvies if you show appropriate behaviour.

Inappropriate behaviour:

Foundation phase : Grade 0 - 3

Whilst the emphasis is on acknowledging the appropriate behaviour, within each grade and class within the foundation phase, there are consequences for inappropriate behaviour. These will be discussed with the parents at the first term parent information sessions.

Intersen phase. Gr. 4-7

If you choose to break a rule, the following steps will be taken:

  • First time a rule is broken: Reminder (first verbal then on a tracking sheet).
  • Second time: time out – 5 minutes away from the group.
  • Third time: time out – 10 minutes away from the group to complete a behaviour journal.
  • Fourth time: You will report to the Principal and depending on the transgression, be put on ‘Daily Report’ for a week. This is a daily system, you start new each day – (if you abuse the system, you will have to skip a few steps).

Severe disruption (e.g. fighting, open defiance, vulgar language). Sent to the Principal. Formal disciplinary action will be initiated if necessary.