Code of Conduct

All pupils at PPS are expected to act with honesty, kindness and respect at all times.

  • I will obey all the rules of the school.
  • I will always respect the right of everyone in my class to learn and right of the teachers to teach.
  • I will behave responsibly and not endanger the safety, welfare and rights of myself and others.
  • I will keep the school and grounds tidy and will not damage any school property.
  • I will respect the property of other people.
  • I will always speak politely to everyone and not swear or call people names.
  • I will not use physical violence or bully other children.
  • I will wear the correct uniform with pride.
  • I must remember that whenever I am in school uniform I am representing the school so I just behave well at aftercare, on journeys to and from school and when I am at the shops.
  • I will move sensibly and quietly about the school.
  • I will be ready to help by opening doors, standing back to let people pass and helping to carry things when necessary.
  • I will greet visitors to the school politely and remember to stand aside and let them pass.
  • I will be on time for lessons, therapy and extra-mural activities.